Social Media Marketing SEO rapper styleey

Social media marketing by the seo rapper is an excellent example of social media marketing in itself. Providing great content (some might disagree on the “great” in this case lol ) is a great way to engage and build a relationship with your audience. The video has some excellent tips within too so listen out for them or you may have to listen to the video again :-)


Did you enjoy that? I bet you were tapping your foot and shaking your … anyway.. Some great lessons to learn and a catchy tune.. I bet you want to hear another one dont you.. Well it just so happens that the SEO rapper has done several other videos on internet marketing and SEO, one of my particular favorites is Content marketing . check this out

Look out for other videos by the SEO Rapper along with more social media tunes on my youtube channel..

You will be doing the Pagerank before you know it ;-P

Things I know about Google

Ive been promoting websites and doing search engine optimization for a long time. Im as guilty as the next person for watching Google’s algorithm changes, reading their data, watching Matt cutts videos and trying to keep up with the latest trends.

While many aspects of SEO have changed over the years, there are several things that have remained consistent and are the hard and fast rules when it comes to gaining those all important google rankings.

Content is king.
While its always been the case that content is important on your website, over the last few years Googles algorithm has been placing more and more emphasis on the quality, quantity and freshness of the content on the page. The days of thin pages with little content, duplicate or aggregated content are fast coming to an end.

Links are falling from grace.
Back in the days of pagerank and the google dance, SEO’s and internet marketers were falling over themselves trying to gain inbound links to their websites. Be it comment links, link exchanges, buying links or submitting to link directories, it was all about the quality of inbound links rather quantity needed to increase search engine position of a web page. Googles algorithm has become far more intelligent over the years, now inbound links are valued on many different qualities including relevance, quality, age, anchor text and location. Its now the case that bad inbound links can actually harm your ranking position rather than help it. Many SEO’S and marketers are now falling over themselves trying to disavow the links they had previously gained.

Faster is better.
With the unstoppable rise of mobile and tablet browsing over the last few years google is placing more and more emphasis on the download speed of a web page. If your page has a large file size or takes too long to download to the browser you may struggle to gain rankings in the modern search engine age.

Responsive or adaptable.
Again due to the rise of multi platform devices and screen sizes your web page must be able to adapt and display clearly on all platforms. Google has been emphasizing this more and more over the last couple of years and it may already have an effect on your rankings.

With broadband becoming faster and less expensive, modern internet users have become used to a rich internet experience, images, video and various other interactive components. Because google knows this and is always striving to give internet users what they want, it would be a brave webmaster who would not be including media in their content or design.

Authority and authorship.
Google is moving more and more towards using authoritative content to determine rankings. Combining authorship with various other signals Google can quite reliably determine who and which websites are considered an authority in any given niche. While this should not deter you from starting out in any niche, it may mean that it could take a while for your content to gain authority and in turn rankings when compared to similar content from a more authoritative source.

Social signals.
Recently Matt Cutts indicated that Google is moving towards using some social signals in its algorithm to determine rankings. Although he wasnt clear (he never is) on what these so social signals are, I feel we can be pretty confident that they include the Google+, Like and twitter buttons and the sharing of content on social media. Are these button the new links?

There you have it. As long as your web site is of good quality, is scalable and responsive, provides fresh, quality multi platform content users are willing to share and you dont take part in any spamming tactics you should be well on your way to those all important rankings.

Obviously there is a lot more to it than the above points but if you get the basics right you will be rewarded.

Google Panda 4.0 update and who gives a monkeys

According to reports.. and matt cutts on twitter Google is rolling out a new algorithm update to its search called Panda 4.0. There is already a frenzy on twitter of so called SEO’s and marketers worrying about how it is going to affect their rankings and their income.

The Panda 4.0 update is targeted towards internet spam and websites with very little, or low quality content.

If you provide quality content and play by the rules then you should not be worried about any google updates. So many people spend way too much time worrying what the search engines are doing and not what they are doing themselves.

“Do not try to beat the search engines because you will always lose. Instead try to beat the people who are trying to beat the search engines, because they will always lose.”

Its simple.. If you are worried.. you are doing it wrong