From Big Trees Lots Of Little Money Acorns Grow

So lets dig in and get started building your online business… Yes I said online business. The objective of this blog is to show you how to build your online business so that it is sustainable, expandable, adaptable and will continue to bring in revenue for many years to come..

Im sure you have read many other blog posts telling you to build yourself a keyword rich money site around some crappy affiliate link, point loads of links at it and watch the money roll in but im here to tell you that this is not the best way to go.

Yes it is possible to make money this way but it is short term, unreliable and above all not that profitable.. If this is the way you want to go forward with your online business then feel free to exit here.

What im going to show you is how to build a large network of websites, blogs, profiles, link wheels and any other shit you can possibly think of that you can use as a base to build a larger, stronger, smarter and most importantly, more profitable business..

with the ever changing internet and google updates its inevitable that techniques and strategies that work today may not work tomorow. if you continue to focus on building the same little link wheels and the same little money sites, you are going to wake up one morning after one of googles random updates and your business is gonna be gone..

fuck that shit!!

Think big, huge, massive, gigantic..  Think different, diverse, adaptable.. Think huge funnel, Think huge web, think massive net and spread that shit far and wide. Dont focus on one or two keywords to begin with.. focus on a category and start building. The larger you build your network of online real estate the more power you will have when it comes to ranking the sites that will make you money.




anthony Thomas
My name is Anthony Thomas and I get giggy with search engines to make money online. Read more here

shut the fuck up about google you small minded twat.

yes.. shut the fuck up about google you small minded twat is the title of my first post..

When I first started out way back, the internet was a completely different landscape than the one we use today. Back then facebook wasnt even an idea in Mark Zuckerbergs head and google couldnt distinguish link spam from a can of luncheon meat in your mothers pantry.

Oh how times have changed…

These days googles algorithm is very sophisticated and backed up by a massive team of cyber geeks all jumping over themselves to make sure everybody sticks by “their rules” and are not doing anything underhand which could affect their precious search results or more importantly their bottom line.

Back then all you really had to do to get your sites ranking on page one was get more inbound links than your competitors and wait for the cash to roll in.. These days there are a whole bunch of other factors that are taken into consideration aswell as many other sources of traffic you have to take into account to keep your bank balance moving in the right direction.

Ive seen so many times so called seo’s saying “google this”,  “google that” and “get to page one of google” and im here to stay “shut the fuck up about google you small minded twat”

Modern seo is about a much wider variety of tactics, targets and strategies than simply finding the right keywords, building link wheels and then watching googles search results every day with your hand down your crutch expecting results.

If you are serious about making any kind of money online you have to get your head out of googles arse and realise there are many other sites out there that can bring in a significant amount of traffic and if you neglect to target them you will be missing out on a significant amount of cash.

Im talking about Bing, yahoo and the numerous other search engines out there that although may not have as big a market share as google, still have a significant amount of traffic. Then theres the social media side like facebook, twitter, instagram and others. The list is endless. Facebook gets a huge amount of traffic (probably more than google) and if you know how to direct that traffic effectively it can have a massive impact on your sites revenue potential.

In this blog im going to show you how, with alot of work, patience and minimal investment you can start building an empire that will be making you money for many years to come from google and every other traffic source you can think of..


anthony Thomas
My name is Anthony Thomas and I get giggy with search engines to make money online. Read more here